Armory Status and Rumor Patrol

Following the City Council’s transfer of the Armory to J&M last year there was an initial flurry of activity in and around the building. Brush and trees were cleared away, a fence was put up to surround the building, and a few loads of construction supplies were delivered. Much of the activity seemed to focus on the building’s interior, although this is just speculation.

For the past several weeks and months, not much activity has been visible at the site. More windows have been broken, the exterior is covered in graffiti, weeds are growing and plywood window coverings have been torn down.

IMG_4098 IMG_4109 IMG_4101 IMG_4095 IMG_4115 IMG_4111

We also saw an old rumor revived that the Armory had been purchased by McMenamin’s. This is not the case. Although many folks have expressed a desire for a restaurant/brew pub for the East End/Foothills East area, there are no tenants committed as of May 2013. We assume J&M still have much to do on the interior (remediation, seismic stabilization, etc.) before the building and site are ready for prime time.

We will continue to keep you posted. Contact Armory Advisory Committee members if you know of someone interested in approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of space in a most excellent location. For a few ideas floated by neighbors during our public visioning sessions, read “Potential Uses” or “Armory event draws big crowd despite big snow“.

And please report any vandalism to the Boise City Police Department (non-emergency dispatch line 377-6790) or code violations to Boise City Code Enforcement at 208-384-3845.