Bozeman Armory Repurposed as Boutique Hotel

One of our committee members forwarded this link to Bozeman’s ETHA Hotel, which will make use of their former National Guard Armory building. A mix of new construction and restoration, this is an interesting re-use option.

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From the article:

“The Armory was not built for military alone, but for community events and meeting as well.”  John C. Russell, “Life is Downtown,” July 9 2012.

The Armory Hotel Project is intended to yield a landmark addition to Bozeman’s historic downtown corridor, with an ambiance, style, and overall experience that is unique to Bozeman and the Northern Rockies region.  With upscale hotel features and amenities, unique dining venues focused on sophisticated, locally-themed menu offerings, and an impressive amount of quality event and flexible meeting space, the Armory Hotel Project will deliver a new dimension of experience to Bozeman’s vibrant and soulful center.”

Boise’s Armory Subcommittee members and city staff continue to receive inquiries from the general public and interested developers or potential tenants regarding the Reserve Street Armory. The current owners have indicated interest in finding a single tenant to take over the entire space, so we try to refer folks with the serious interest and capacity to them.

Our goal has been and continues to be to see this emblematic symbol of Idaho’s history preserved and re-purposed to create an economic and community asset. Years of work with neighbors and interested parties confirm that a mixed-use, neighborhood activity center in this strategic location would draw a steady stream of locals to socialize, eat, drink and buy stuff…assuming it’s done right.

Let’s hope a tenant with similar  vision and an appreciation for historic and neighborhood values comes forward soon.