Minutes from Dec. 1 Meeting

December 1 Visioning Meeting

Preliminary Conceptual Plans Underway
Based on the discussions at the December 1 meeting, the Urban Research and Design Center is currently creating basic visual representations of the following basic schemes with variations:

  1. Armory as Public Market w/associated collaborative offices, classrooms, 2 acres of food production gardens, and housing.
  2. Armory as Charter School w/shared facilities (multipurpose areas); daycare; housing
  3. Mostly housing w/bit of mixed use

The designs will be conceptual site plans and site sections showing building heights and massing – not building designs or architectural details. The basic idea is to help visualize overall site buildout and scale relative to neighboring structures and landforms. Check back the week of 12/24 to view the preliminary sketches.

Thanks to Advisory Committee member Diane Ronayne for providing detailed minutes of our initial public meeting. Diane made use of her court-reporting and journalistic skills to recreate much of the discussion verbatim, or at least do some faithful paraphrasing. Download the .pdf file to experience the conversation for yourself.

12-1-2007 armory meeting minutes