Signs of Continued Neglect; Hope for Change

Pattern of Neglect

The EENA Armory Subcommittee members and preservationists have long expressed concern about the neglect of the Armory structure. The Armory was completed in 1937 by the WPA (Works Progress Administration), and has been identified for its historic importance by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Vandalism and weather have taken their toll, and missteps in exterior surface treatment by J&M Land (the Bieter administration conveyed ownership of the 5-acre Armory property to them in 2012) trapped moisture in the concrete exterior. Since 2012, the building has been under remote control by outside speculative investors.

Below are a few representative examples of the ongoing neglect. Dozens of broken windows, vandals coming and going through breaches, roofing materials rotting, and painted concrete sills that remained sound for over 75 years but started spalling—eroding from moisture trapped on the surface because of paint applied by J&M.

Update November 14, 2022

On Monday, November 14, workers boarded up main floor windows prior to the application review. The crew also re-secured a breach on the South side of the building facing Logan Avenue. Vandals have long found ways into the structure and done significant damage over the decades.

As long as the building remains unoccupied, the risk of vandalism and weather damage persists and increases. Our hope is that a partnership with a local entity or consultant can secure local businesses and organizations to make use of the historic structure, consistent with its destiny and defined role as a Neighborhood Activity Center.