Advisory Committee

A volunteer citizens advisory committee formed in the fall of 2007 represents a subset of EENA’s Board. We come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, and are interested in what happens to the Armory site. We get the feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time on this in the coming months.The group consists of the following individuals:

Laura Shealy (Coordinator)
Beth Geagan
Charles Gill
Dave Krick
Deanna Smith
Diane Ronayne
Erik Kingston
Sheila Trounson
Steve Trout

We would very much like to thank East Ender Cheryl Flinn at for web development and hosting. You wouldn’t be reading this if she hadn’t offered her expertise and time. She rocks. Cheryl’s neighbor Erik Kingston manages content for the site and post items as they become available.

We would also like to thank Sherry McKibben and the graduate students from the Urban Research and Design Center for their work on a community visioning process, lo these many years ago. They all clearly rock as well.