Why All the Fuss?

Armory obliqueThe Armory has been part of Boise’s East End, North End, Foothills and Downtown identity for more than three quarters of a century. At the request of Boise residents and the Armory Subcommittee, the City postponed an auction of the Armory structure and surrounding acreage in the interest of exploring creative alternatives. They deserve a great deal of credit for their flexibility as we worked on a win-win solution from 2007 through early 2012.

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Many Boise residents believe the site and building’s potential worth transcend money alone, and that any plan for its future should be informed by community needs, values and priorities. In order to achieve broader community goals, Boise residents and City staff spent many years working together to determine how best to preserve and develop the site as a perpetual, vibrant resource for the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.

The Boise City Council transferred ownership of the Armory to a private developer in 2012, and —ignoring strong recommendations from neighbors, preservation experts, city staff and Boise’s P&Z Commissioners—removed some key options for public involvement in the process. The fate of the Armory and surrounding neighborhoods now rests with the new owners and any potential tenants.

We will post updates as available from the new owners and the City of Boise about the building’s current status, plans for the building’s future, or any interest in public involvement to create a win-win outcome that is profitable, productive and patronized by neighbors.